How to Join the Mummers

Mummery is a year round, engaging hobby for thousands of people of all ages. And while Mummers are known best for their New Year’s Day activities, various Mummers organizations are active and performing all year round. Fundraising through performances and various benefit activities enable the Mummers clubs to offset the cost of costumes, props and other expenses to participate in the New Year’s Day parade. Thus it’s a love of the folk art of Mummery, sense of community, and camaraderie that enables the tradition to continue for more than 118 years!

Interested in becoming part of the Mummers fun? You Can!

While each Mummers organization may have its own policies and requirements for things like age or musical experience, there are still plenty of opportunities to participate – even if you don’t want to dance, strut, or play an instrument in costume! For example, the Comic, Wench Brigade, Fancy and Fancy Brigade Divisions focus their performances around dance routines and costuming. String Bands also have non-musical members (Marshals) who play key roles in constructing parade props and assisting performers throughout the year!Some good advice would be to spend a little time learning about the various Mummers Parade groups and individual clubs, and figure out which one best matches your interests (Explore this site!) Then reach out to the appropriate group to find out about its member application process and requirements.

We’ll help find the right place for you to get involved!

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