The Fancy Division

Their name reflects their mission – to bring dazzling displays of color, form and texture to life through presentations of costumes and floats called frame suits.

Magnificent in size and beauty, their costumes or suits will take your breath away. The Fancy Division is judged on costume and presentation, with approximately 60 to 70 individual entries per club.

In each Fancy Division club, frame suits are divided into categories. The categories include King Jockey, King Clown, and Handsome Trim. Other categories are Fancy Trio, Handsome Costume, Trio Pantomime Clowns, and Special Mention.

In addition, our future mummers are represented in the Juvenile category. Eligibility to compete in this category is from walking age until their 12th birthday. The Captain of each Fancy Club competes in a separate category to decide the “Best Dressed” of the club Captains

The Fancy Division once had as many as four clubs. Today, Golden Sunrise is the only club remaining. Golden Sunrise first paraded in 1960 using the captain’s house as its clubhouse. Each entry is still judged for costuming and presentation in each category for bragging rights. The Club is located in South Philadelphia.