The Comic Division

The Comic Division is the original division – and the heart and soul of The Philadelphia Mummers Parade. The Comic Division is made up of three Mother Clubs: Goodtimers, Landi, and Murray.

The Comic Division traces its roots back to the ancient world, the Middle Ages and colonial America – throughout which, satire mockery and light-hearted fun have always been the name of the game.

Leaders and members of the Comic Division spend months organizing their clubs, bringing together members as small as juveniles, individuals and couples to larger groups and brigades with hundreds of members.  These entries are made up of family, extended family and friends who quickly become family.  Multiple generations of one family can be seen in every category and club throughout the Comic Division.

Participants range in age from newborns and infants to seniors in their eighties.  Performances poke fun at politics, pop-culture and sometimes, even our own division and parade. In many ways, the labor and process involved in putting together all the costumes and props during the course of the year is like a cottage industry. All costumes are professionally made and the props take months to prepare.

So much time and effort goes into this labor of love.  Family, dedication and tradition are an important part of the Comic Division. And with each passing year the tradition builds.

On the surface the purpose is to welcome in the New Year.  But the underlying reason is to be together for a common cause, the competition, the pride, to build together, sew together, decorate together, drink together, laugh together, cry together.  For just one day you are Kings and Queens of the City of Philadelphia!