Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the divisions of the Philadelphia Mummers Parade?
A: Comic, Wench Brigade, Fancy, String Band, and Fancy Brigade divisions.

Q: Where can I get tickets to the Philadelphia Mummers Parade and String Band Show of Shows?
A: The Philadelphia Mummers Parade is free with the exception of limited seating in front of the judging area, located at City Hall. For these tickets contact the city of Philadelphia at

For tickets to the String Band Show of Shows visit to check availability.

Q: Where can I get tickets or find our more information about the Fancy Brigade Finale and the Fancy Brigade Divison?
A: You can get all that information from their site at

Q: What happens if the Philadelphia Mummers Parade is cancelled on New Years Day?
A: In the event of bad weather, the parade takes place on the first possible Saturday or Sunday. However, the Fancy Brigades will still perform indoors. For more information you can visit their site at

Q: Will there be bleacher seating?
A: Yes. Bleacher seating is at the discretion of the city and local businesses. Contact the department of recreation at for more information.

Q: How do I become a Mummer?
A: By contacting a Mummer organization and finding out their individual member application process. You can find all the organizations contact information on the Contact page.

Q: If I don't play an instrument can I still become a member?
A: Absolutely, in fact the Comic, Wench Brigade, Fancy and Fancy Brigade Divisions specialize in focusing their performances around their dance routines and costuming. String Bands also have non-playing members that play key roles during the year and parade day.

Q: Do the Mummer's perform outside of Philadelphia?
A: Yes, String Bands perform in locations throughout the world. Including all over the U.S., Canada, Italy, Ireland, and more. To hire a band visit the Contact page.